This Is What Killed Actor Jamie Bartlett. Full Details According To The Wife

Jamie Bartlett

South African Actor Jamie Bartlett passed on Tuesday May 24, leaving several entertainers in the South Africa industry stunned of his sudden death.

Be that as it may, after news about his passing, many people were considering what might have caused his demise. The incredible actor’s partner Rosa Onious has revealed the cause of Jamie Bartlett’s demise.

As indicated by her, her hubby passed on from cardiac arrest. She said:

“We got the autopsy results, and they said it was cardiac arrest”. Bartlett died in his sleep on Monday evening (May 23).

The emotional Onious said he had taken an afternoon nap, as he usually did when he was not working.

She said she tried to wake him up at around 17:00 so he could leave to meet up with his boys, but he did not wake up.

“I said Jamie, Jamie, [but] Jamie didn’t look up,” she said. Onious said she tried once again to nudge him to wake him up.

“Jamie’s not waking up, he’s not waking up, and I called my mom, who was outside, and she tried everything,” she said holding back tears.

The mother and daughter then contacted an ambulance service that reportedly arrived within 15 minutes.

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“They tried everything to resuscitate him, CPR, everything, but it was too late,” she said.

According to a November 2020 article by YOU, the couple met on a night out in Melville 11 years ago, but the sparks only began to fly when they reconnected in November 2019.

Since news of his death broke, industry colleagues have flooded social media platforms with tributes and recollections of their relationships with the actor.

Jamie Bartlett was recognized for his excellence in the soap opera industry in South Africa.

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