They Have Always Been Unique In Their Own Component…


Daddy Lumba (Left) and Kojo Antwi (Right)

I am almost certain that when music devotees in Ghana are asked about who their preferred performers in Ghana are over the most recent three decades, Daady Lumba and Kojo Antwi’s name won’t be gulped down.

These awesome singers have for as far back as 30 years brought so much euphoria and ‘healing’ to numerous individuals through their music. The two are celebrated musicians who don’t just sing but have cut an exceptional specialty for themselves undoubtedly.

Daddy Lumba who is a multiple award winning Ghanaian artist with a career spreading over three decades, has lived up to expectation and has remained in his path of superstar status in a one of a kind way. He is barely found in broad daylight events, apart from being contracted to be in front of an audience to perform.

The 55 year old is additionally hardly heard reacting to issues that surrounds him. It’s hardly possible to see Daddy Lumba grant interviews on radio or TV regardless of the issue. Anything that has to do with him will simply die off, as he would let it slide away like a messed up egg in a sand. He is most likely a ‘No Comment‘ man who exclusively focus on his music craft.

DL as he is affectionately called is such a magnetic character, who attracts huge number of people whenever he steps out. DL is indeed referenced to the fame and wide public recognition of an individual as a direct result of the attention given to him by the mass media.

Then again, his music colleague Kojo Antwi who is one of Ghana’s best Afro pop, highlife and reggae music artist, has also demonstrated why he is a big name who has what I call CLASS. Mr Music Man as he is broadly called, don’t just play gigs paying little heed to the money in question.

The two musicians in a meeting

Much the same as Daddy Lumba, Kojo antwi regards his image so much that, he doesn’t put his voice on any song at any rate. So in case you’re an artist and you’re fortunate to have Mr Music Man featured on your tune or Album, then that’s a boost and a big opportunity for you.

Before Kojo Antwi associates with any artist on his tune, he most likely may have weighed the power and quality of the song before jumping onto it. Being picky doesn’t mean, he is most likely self prideful, but his brand which he has worked for such a significant number of years is what is being protected.

Besides, the two greats have achieved VIP status and are related with having riches (ie. fame and fortune).

Lumba and Kojo are two remarkable personas broadly known to people in general, and whose lives are publicly consumed as entertainers, and whose commercial brands is made profitable for those who exploit their popularity, and perhaps also for themselves.

The two are not portrayed as ‘instant celebrities’ because they have built their brands so well that, they deserve the title CELEBRITIES.

Despite the fact that it has gotten ordinary for certain superstars to put their names with endorsements onto any product only for snappy cash, DL and Mr Music Man have gone past only using their names on brands but have connected themselves in the business parts of entertainment and have built their their own image beyond their conventional salaried activities.

They have made extra budgetary progress from different projects, hence have picked up the appreciation of numerous music fans and have in this manner contributed musically to the growth of Ghana.

Indeed, Cristiano Ronaldo, Lionel Messi, Ariana Grande, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, Selena Gomez, Kylie Jenner, Kim Kardashian and others may be the well known famous people on the planet, but Daddy Lumba and Mr Music Man-Kojo Antwi are in their own component in their very own universe with a large number of following in Ghana, Africa and beyond.

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