This Is What Makes Jennifer Lopez That Useful And Timeless At Every Age

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Jennifer Lopez

There is always a drive for accomplishing something. Without exaggeration, everybody has a justification for accomplishing something, and that is actually what Singer, songwriter and actress Jennifer Lopez represents.

As per the Grammy award winner, her personal mantra is making affirmations a propensity, and that she has done that for quite a while.

In fact, JLo said she has even asked her children to accept the fact that, propensity for thinking positive, is by doing good all the time.

JLo said thinking positive contemplations has been of colossal advantage to her career for several years, thus she always tries to constrain herself to think positive all the time.

According to the ‘On My Way’ singer, she is open and receptive to all the goodness and abundance the universe brings to the table.

Addressing Oprah Winfrey on her ‘Vision Tour’ show, JLo said she loves herself just as the universe cherishes her. She further said, God loves her and she believes that’s the reason why she is useful and timeless at every age.

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