This Is What Makes This Lady A Brilliant Stand-Up Comedienne

Jacinta Ocansey

By and by, many people have been saved from emotional problems by means of comedy from numerous points of view. Moreover, a lot of people can validate the fact that, comedy has been of monstrous mending to them. In Ghana, there are several comics who have exceeded expectations in the satire business for a long time now, with some jumping up with full force.

Interestingly, there is one wonderful lady among the men who have for the past number of years, been carrying euphoria to the homes of numerous individuals through her rib-splitting jokes. Jacinta Asi Ocansey could have wandered into some other business but entertaining people has been her desire, therefore dived into this space.

Regardless of any problem you might be experiencing, Jacinta can make you put on a grin and even roar with laughter. She has a way of beginning her comedy show and a unique way of ending it in a fantastic manner. She walks up stage and before she says ‘Jack’, you can’t hold it any longer but to chuckle.

Since her entrance into comedy, she has never failed the audience, in spite of the fact that, during her beginning times in comedy, she found it tough satisfying the audience. She has demonstrated to all critics who thought she was a lady and couldn’t stand the ‘heaviness’ of the men undoubtedly, and that she can’t do it.

Ghanaian comedians like Clemento Suarez, O.B Amponsah, General Ntatia, Lekzi Decomic, DKB, the legends- KSM, Fritz Baffour (resigned), David Oscar, Forster Romanus and others, are some of the first rate stand up comics being contended with the only lady, Jacinta.

The “Queen of Ghana comedy”, who is a Nigerian-Ghanaian, is additionally a singer and an actress, who has been in some blockbuster Ghanaian motion pictures like: Yvonne Nelson’s ‘Heels and Sneakers’ and ‘Selfie’ and a couple of others.

In line of her obligation, the only comedienne, has won honors which includes: Ghana Tertiary Awards 2016 Most Influential Student Comedian, Most Popular Student and Most Entertaining Student.

Believe it or not, Jacinta never thought of becoming a comedian, but her mom’s recommendation to her to pay attention to comedy is what drove her into being a fine Comedienne.

She has been wonderful in practically all her performances since her initiation into the Ghanaian parody industry in 2015.

Perhaps the best execution of Jacinta was the one she did at Akwaaba UK Comedy Night at Movenpick Hotel in 2015. In 2016, she performed at the Lord of the Ribs comedy show in Ghana.

She has acted in top Comedy Shows both in Ghana and Nigeria, and these are:

Comedy Night with Buchi (Lagos), Shakara and the Gang (Lagos), Comedy Express, Girltalk, Laughline, Live Comedy Thursdays, Lord of the Ribs, Easter Comedy Show, DKB Live, DKB Point of View, Akwaaba UK Comedy Night, Comedy Bar, Silverbird Comedy Night, Corporate Comedy Series, MMC Live among a large group of others.

Interestingly, the delightful comedienne fills in as a Master of Ceremony, and has also exceeded expectations around there as well.

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