This Is What Supermodel Naomi Campbell Gulps Down To Protect Her From Getting Coronavirus

Naomi Campbell

Each and everybody around the globe are doing every conceivable thing they can to shield themselves from being infected by the savage pandemic, coronavirus.

While the greater part are utilizing facemasks, hand sanitizers, hand gloves and others to shield themselves from the infection, supermodel, Naomi Campbell is additionally accomplishing something different. Strangely, Campbell takes 30 vitamins every day to protect herself from getting coronavirus.

In a 6-minutes 10 seconds video shared on her YouTube channel, the supermodel was seen with a safe boosting smoothie.

Furthermore, she took 30 vitamins and supplements. According to Naomi Campbell, this will help bolster the immune system.

The natural mixes in little amounts is useful for sound human development and digestion.

In the video, this is what she said:

“That’s my drink, those are my pills, and that’s what I take. And that’s what I’m going to be taking on a regular basis, because most important is to build up your immune as I’ve said before. We can all deal with this virus if we have strong immunes”

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