This Is What Transpired At The BMW Group’s 2021 IAA Mobility Presence

It was an exciting virtual show organized by the the manufacturer of motor vehicles Bavarian Motor Works (BMW), when British band Coldplay engaged fanatics of the Vehicle organization on, BMW’s spic and span vivid virtual world.

Fans and visitors lived it up, as they partook in all of the show. The fans got effectively engaged with the occasion by means of avatars, and had the option to dance along, draw near to the stage and see the band in real life from each point. Crowd-surfing was even possible with an electrifying show.

Coldplay were the ideal partners for the BMW Group’s 2021 IAA Mobility presence, which gives a striking future vision an attention on jolt, digitalization and circularity.

Fanatics of both BMW and Coldplay will have seen that the two have tracked down a typical tune.

For the overall launch of the new all-electric BMW iX and BMW i4, BMW iX and BMW i4, TV commercials worldwide were accompanied by the British band’s hit song Higher Power – a fitting soundtrack for the two new BMW models, driving perfectly in sync with the song’s line “this joy is electric”.

This partnership between BMW and the hit band isn’t new. Back in 2014, Coldplay performed at the BMW Welt in Munich for 1,500 fans toward the end of their “Ghost Stories Tour”.


BMW Has A Justification To Say They Are Arguably The Best Automobile In The World

Presently the band – which includes Chris Martin, Jonny Buckland, Will Champion and Guy Berryman – are back and the coordinated effort continues on, but with a twist.

JOYTOPIA is BMW’s uniquely made new virtual world – beautiful, noteworthy, captivating, brimming with shocks, and intended to offer you a space brimming with questions, thoughts and answers that BMW is re-thinking for a more maintainable future.

Furthermore, to start it off with a monstrous spark, Coldplay added to the experience in a full-scale virtual show, stacked with energy and exclusive to JOYTOPIA visitors.

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