This Is When Adidas’s New ‘Ozmophis Silhouette’ Will Be Launched

The “Ozmorphis” sneaker, inspired by jellyfish, will be released globally on February 9, 2023.

In 2022, adidas Originals and MrBailey unveiled their first ultra-exclusive “Ozlucent” sneaker, which was well received by sports fans. The most recent one in their ongoing exploration of natural forms has been unveiled once more.

The collaborative creative endeavor has seen MrBailey embark on a four-step journey of metamorphosis, expertly exploring the connection between humans and the natural world while viscerally reimagining adidas Originals’ OZWORLD DNA. MrBailey has applied the extensive design and research approach that has supported its career.

The design process takes inherent cues from the marine animal’s form during its juvenile ephyra period, referencing the aurelia moon jellyfish’s lifecycle.

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The jellyfish-inspired ‘Ozlucent’ sneaker has been redesigned by MrBailey into the OZMORPHIS silhouette, dynamically translating the natural world’s inherent engineering into a shoe with improved comfort and a distinctively contemporary aesthetic language.

The upper of the silhouette is encased in a cocoon-like form that is constructed using a TPU structure that encases an inner neoprene sox. This gives the impression that the jellyfish has completely taken over and is sitting atop an adiPRENE midsole. In contrast, the toe box makes a clear allusion to the aquatic creature’s lappets, which were used for movement in the water.

The “Ozmorphis” sneaker, which is the most recent iteration of MrBailey’s Ozworld metamorphosis inspired by jellyfish, will be released worldwide on February 9, 2023.

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