This Is Why Akwaboah’s ‘Ensesa’ Is A Beautiful Piece

Akwaboah Jr

He is obviously one of the best singers in Ghana, who has cut a particularly lovely specialty for himself in music this load of years. Akwaboah Jr recently released a new single tune ‘Ensesa‘ prior to the release of his next Album ‘Lighthouse’.

Numerous music aficionados have lauded the artist’s ‘Ensesa’ tune, saying it’s a quite satisfying love tune, that coincides with everybody.

How great a tune sounds is relative or abstract to every individual, but truly, for a tune to be labeled as a good one, it needs to have incredible harmonies, tunes, and verses.

It ought to also create some sort of reactions, or bring out a particular feeling. A ton of songwriters craft their music from explicit occasions or encounters that they have had, making it truly relatable to other people.

And that is by and large, what Akwaboah’s “Ensesa” tune sounds. The tune shows an overall sense of shape and design, with occasional melodic leaps.

Actually, not all hit melodies are good tunes. Indeed, they might be generally praised and overly played, but do not have the characteristics of a good tune.


Akwaboah’s First Single From The ‘Lighthouse’ Album Out On..

However, the specific term hit record usually refers to a single that has appeared in an official music chart through repeated radio airplay audience impressions, or significant streaming data and commercial sales.

For Akwaboah’s ‘Ensesa’, it scores a percentage of 80% –a sign of the characteristics of a good music. Akwaboah is by all accounts doing very well, as far as music composition is concerned. He has for all intents and purposes, composed award winning melodies for many of the best artists in Ghana.

He is also a master keyboardist, and has played for a lot of local and international artistes including Hugh Masekela and John Legend.

He is known for good and never-ending tunes, thus he is exceptionally very conscious of what he draws out constantly.

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