This Is Why Kwaisey Pee Is An Awesome Performer

Kwaisey Pee in action..

The music band began their usual practice with excellent sound and the best supporting singers. The crowd was scanning the area in search of Kwaisey Pee. He eventually landed on the stage, with his braided hair looking stunning.

As Kwaisey Pee ordered the band to begin the show, the audience went ‘wild’. He put on an outstanding performance that had the audience singing along to each of his best-selling songs. When given the microphone for showmanship, the Ghanaian highlife musician has always been at his limit.

In fact, whenever Kwaisey Pee is on a show, he always makes virtually every one of the fans happy. Given his stage antics, showmanship, personality, command over his songs, and excellent vocal prowess, I can bet all pennies that Kwaisey Pee is an unrivaled live performer. I have followed him for a long time.

Through live performances, he has shown over the years why he is such a great highlife musician. At the most recent KABFAM Legends Night 2022, which also featured Nana Acheampong and Daddy Lumba, he demonstrated this qualities. The event was intended to honor DL and Nana Acheampong, two legends; however, Kwaisey Pee and a few supporting artists were invited.

Given the scale of the event in December 2022, one might have expected it not to focus on “supporting artists,” but Kwaisey Pee came out on top of a slew of Ghanaian highlifers.

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Kwaisey Pee astonishingly displayed “class” and did not take the opportunity lightly. The majority of his songs received a standing ovation during his performance. Interestingly, almost everyone in the auditorium was singing “Mehia Odo” (I Need Love) by Kwaisey Pee.

The audience sang the lyrics in their entirety. He did an amazing job with the band and his vocals. In fact, one could feel his presence on stage. The qualities that make Kwaisey Pee one of the best performers are listed below:

He always has a good tone
Clear Enunciation
His Strong Support from his band has always been good.
The Consistency level is always on point
He always put himself out there during performance
He conveys maturity

Kwaisey Pee is known for his soothing voice and has five albums to his credit, including Krokro Me, Akono Yaa, and Nyane Me, a 13-track album that featured Tic Tac, Kontihene, K K Fosu, Ofori Amponsah, and his father, Agyeiku.

The level of consistency is always on point. He always puts himself out there during performances. He conveys maturity. He won the Ghana Music Awards for Best Male Vocal Performance in 2007.

Currently, he has a new song out ‘Ayele’ that is doing very well on the radio and TV.

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