Michael Jackson Hid A Special Room From His Parents For Obscure Reasons

Michael Jackson had a plan

According to a new exclusive book, the King of Pop music, Michael Jackson had a mystery safe room built at his Neverland Ranch. Surprisingly, this was hidden from his parents for obscure reasons.

The 50-year-old immediately rose to fame as one of the most critical global icon of the twentieth century and probably the best performer throughout the entire existence of music before passing on in 2009.

However, the Book (‘Bad: An Unprecedented Investigation into the Michael Jackson Cover-Up,’) which was written by an investigative journalist Dylan Howard uncovers how Jackson kept this whole secret from his parents.

According to the review in the book, half a month in the wake of sinking into Neverland, Michael Jackson hosted a housewarming party for his dearest companions and family members.

Strangely, his parents weren’t on the list of people to attend. Wacko Jacko as he was nicknamed would not just like to tell his parents, with whom he had consistently lived. He didn’t need them to work him out of his lavish migration.

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The truth of the matter is, Jacko was so secret about the Neverland Ranch that, Joe and Katherine found out about Neverland from a news report, which Michael asserted to them was bogus. He just didn’t want them to know he owns the mansion.

The remote area of Jacko’s mansion is 100 miles north of the Jackson home in Encino and was detached. Because of that, Katherine expected that Jacko, who was constantly left unchecked, would get squashed under the heaviness of his own career. Perhaps, Katherine was right in saying that.

As per by Dylan Howard, the singer and songwriter immediately spent millions of dollars building his estate but later on, transformed it into his incredible bequest, which included the ‘mystery’ or secret safe room. The property included a 12,600-foot Tudor-style home that spread over fifty sections of land.

Michael Jackson’s main home included five rooms and eight restrooms. His main room was a peaceful four-section of land lake with a stone scaffold.

To guarantee his security, Michael had various deadbolt locks added to his room entryway. It even had a good old sliding jolt that anyone inside the room couldn’t open.

However. If there should arise an occurrence of a crisis, Michael also had a mystery safe room installed in his huge stroll in storage room.

As indicated by Howard the investigator, a portion of the rooms were in a scorching state with his gathered belongings dissipated all over the place.

Michael’s essential office was a jumbled fortune trove of mannequins and life-sized superhuman sculptures clustered together, columns of features loaded up with personal memorabilia, a TV on each divider, comfortable seats, and a work area in absolute disorder.

His home additionally had five chimneys, a wine basement, eighteenth century French oak parquet flooring, and was intensely outfitted with collectibles, work of art, and collectables amassed by Michael during his broad overall voyages.

One of his valued belongings was the Best Picture Oscar from the 1939 film Gone With The Wind, for which Michael paid $1.5million (£1.2million) at sell off.

Dylan Howard further expressed that, Michael Jackson had in excess of 90 working staff at the estate, which included 40 people from security watching the ground. It was evaluated that Michael went through $4million (£3.2million) every year on upkeep alone.


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