Nacee Is One Of Ghana’s Unique Gospel Acts


His voice talks a ton about his character. Indeed, that voice is amazingly not quite the same as how he talks, yet when he stands behind the studio console, he is an alternate individual throughout.

Nacee has been in the Ghanaian music industry for well more than two decades, and has demonstrated why he is perhaps one of the greatest acts the country has produced.

The Gospel artist has been the most loved of the people for quite a while because of his extraordinary vocal dexterity, composing aptitudes and the sort of rousing melodies he produces whenever he hits the studios.

As one of the accomplished gospel acts and perhaps the finest music engineers in Ghana, he has musically produced the tunes of about 95% of A-list performers in Ghana, including himself.

Nacee is always found in the studios working on good tunes

Surprisingly, Nana Osei whose showbiz name is Nacee has never charged any fee for any collaboration with other performers. He believes, that isn’t the means by which to go about things, particularly when helping each other in the music business is essential in Ghana.

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Interestingly, Nacee who is known by everyone as a gospel artist, chose to give his hands a shot at secular music (other genres). But unfortunately, that earned him displeasure of numerous people in the gospel sector.

In spite of the fact that he did a delightful melody with another hiplife artist, Guru, he was still slammed not only by Christians, but by some radio and TV moderators in Ghana.

That did not bother him but pressed on to produce rousing tunes like ‘Bo No Ose’ (Praise Him), Efata Wo (You merit it), ‘Mpaebo’ (Prayers) and many other incredible songs.

Nacee has also been drawn closer by practically all political parties to record campaign melodies for them in the past; of which all of tracks were incredibly hit tunes.

Nacee is currently out with a new ‘solid’ Thanksgiving song ‘Aseda‘, a tune to thank the Lord Almighty for what he has done for him.

Meanwhile, for some years now, Nacee has been crusading for sponsorships for the Gospel acts since the secular artists have consistently been getting the acceptable nibble of the sponsorships constantly.

Melodies And Albums By Nacee:

Efata Wo · 2017

Yewo Nyame A Yewo Adze · 2016

Mpaebo (Prayer) · 2019

Nyame de Aba · 2019

Time With God · 2019

Young men Boys · 2017

Ene Won Ko

Time With God · 2019

Afihyiapa · 2018

Time With God · 2019

Nacee-Efata Wo
Time With God · 2019

Time With God · 2019

Fire Burn You
The Counselor I · 2016

Time With God
The Counselor I · 2016

E Be God
The Counselor I · 2016

O Ye Me Kyem
The Counselor I · 2016

The Counselor I · 2016

Don Do
The Counselor I · 2016

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