This Is Why Nigeria’s Music Industry Is Thriving- Kwabena Kwabena

Kwabena Kwabena

Music in Africa has evolved, and each nation is doing their best to be out there. However, Nigeria’s Afro-pop songs appear to have ostensibly taken over the world and have slowly established themselves. Compared to some African countries, Nigerian musicians are making every effort to produce relatable and catchy songs.

This is not to say that the other African artistes aren’t doing well, but the Nigerians’ aggression is unstoppable. On UTV’s United Showbiz on Saturday, February 4, Kwabena Kwabena reacted to this, agreeing that Nigerian musicians have somehow dominated African music.

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The highlife superstar claims that their songs’ fusion of highlife music flavor and rhythm have done the trick for them. Kwabena Kwabena stated that the Nigerians’ songs are pleasing to the ear because of the Ghanaian-inspired rhythm.

The award-winning vocalist went on to say that their West African neighbors’ use of the common language has also helped a lot.

“Almost everyone in the country speaks and understands the Pidgin language, including market women and others.” KBKB said.

Prior to releasing any music, they therefore target that market. In addition to the aforementioned characteristics, the hitmaker reckons that they are persistent and diligent workers. They always outpace Ghana and other countries because of all of these factors taken together.

Mr. Logic, an artiste manager and music producer, was of the opinion that the Nigerians are thriving due to enough capital investment, when he also responded to the same issue on the show, which was hosted by Kwame A-Plus on UTV. He stated,

“They actually have enough money to put into their music. Mr. Logic continued, “Good packaging and excellent marketing have also been some of their key factors that have pushed them that far. Money takes a major part of music, apart from talent, and so music is baseless without it”

When asked why Ghana is still having challenges competing with Nigeria, he stated that despite the country’s incredible talent, their misplaced priority has affected the Ghanaian artistes.

The new crop of musicians are concentrating on a number of other genres as opposed to the highlife music genre, which is theirs and known as Ghana’s “backbone.” He had high hopes that Ghana would have won the competition if we had focused on a branded genre.

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