This Is Why Rapper Odumodublvck Doesn’t Want To Be Seen As A Role Model

Nigerian rapper, Tochukwu Ojogwu, otherwise called Odumodublvck, says he can’t be a good example to people as a celebrity since he enjoys several indecencies including fornication, smoking and drinking alcohol.

According to him, it is only a “dumb” person that would admire him as a role model.

In a recent interview with the “Zero Conditions podcast,” the producer of the hit song “Declan Rice” stated this.

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As a result, the rapper has urged those who always criticise him for his lifestyle and social media personality to desist from doing so, stressing that he is nobody’s role model.

He said,

“It is always necessary for celebrities to clapback at trolls. Who said it is not necessary? Because they say, ‘Oh! You’re a brand. You are a public figure.’

“I’m nobody’s role model. Jesus is there. Follow Jesus.

“I fornicate, I drink, I smoke. You wanna make me your role model? You must be a dummy.”

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