This Is Why Russia Is Building Own Space Station

Russia is ready to construct its own space station and launch it into space by 2030, if President Vladimir Putin gives them thumbs up. This is according to Roscosmos space office in the country.

This will therefore be an end to over twenty years of close collaboration with the United States on board the aging International Space Station (ISS).

Russia is expecting to place this plans into action by 2030. They are just about to make another stride in world monitored space exploration.

Russian cosmonauts have worked with partners from the United States and 16 different nations about the ISS since 1998 – probably the nearest field of participation between Moscow and Washington, whose relations are at present in profound emergency regarding human rights, cyberattacks and a scope of other issues.


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According to the Deputy Prime Minister Yuri Borisov, Moscow would notify its partners that it would leave the ISS project from 2025. The crewed artificial satellite is designed for long-term habitation, research, and so forth.

Russian station, in contrast to the ISS, would probably not be forever run since its orbit path would open it to higher radiation. Nonetheless, cosmonauts would visit it and it would also use artificial intelligence and robots.

Russia will consider permitting foreign crews to visit, but the station should be national one. As indicated by sources, the country intends to spend up to $6 billion to get the project launched.

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