This Is Why Spanish LaLiga’s Request Was Rejected

FIFA has on Sunday August 29, received the decision by the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) dismissing the Spanish LaLiga’s solicitation to save the decision by FIFA to extend the international window for the FIFA World Cup™ qualifiers in South America by two days.

The trade off decision to add two extra days as opposed to three as mentioned by the South American confederation CONMEBOL, was taken by the capable FIFA body.


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This was subsequent to consulting every applicable stakeholders and in the wake of considering every significant situations, specifically, the challenges posed by the Covid pandemic and particularly wellbeing contemplations for players.

CAS’s decision affirms the legitimateness of FIFA’s choice and altogether dismisses the contentions made by Spain’s LaLiga.

Meanwhile, FIFA President Gianni Infantino called for a demonstration of solidarity from all member associations, leagues, and clubs, to do what is right and fair for the global game.

Nonetheless, they currently expect the release of players for the forthcoming FIFA World Cup qualifiers in South America to happen as per the new FIFA decision, the lawfulness and authenticity of which has today been perceived in the recent CAS ruling.

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