This Is Why You Should Stay Away From Oral Sex

The CEO of New Vision Dental Clinic in Accra Ghana, Dr Felix Govina, has expressed the significance of safe practices during oral sex for people.

He suggested the utilization of condoms for men to decrease the risk of diseases, as opposed to practicing unprotected oral sex adding that for women, there were dental boundaries accessible that offered protection against illnesses.

While recognizing that individuals who really like to keep on engaging in oral sex, Dr Govina warns that it could adversely affect one’s oral health, possibly prompting mouth disease. In that case, such people should truly think about these protective measures.

Doctor Govina, who has been in dentistry for more than 26 years, revealed this during a new conversation with the ‘Mirror’. He said dental obstructions were slim sheets like the condom that could be applied to the covering of the vagina and have one’s desired feeling from their partners.

He further added that, the dental boundaries are for both male and female, but for men, they can in any case use condom. Oral sex carried a high risk of transmitting sexually transmitted infections (STIs) if one partner had an infection, he pointed out.

The mouth contained various microbes and microorganisms that were imperative for keeping up with ordinary oral cleanliness. If there were oral medical problems, for example, gum bleeding or vaginal irritation, taking part in oral sex could move microbes and possibly lead to illnesses in a partner’s system.

“So when a man has gum bleeding and starts practising oral sex on the female, he is transferring this bacteria in his inflammation directly onto the female’s organ and if there is inflammation on the lining of the vagina, then this bacteria straight away initiates diseases in her system. There is always a tendency of transmitting sexually transmitted
diseases into your partner,” he said.

According to Dr Govina, there are three types of oral sex. He said:

“we have the cunnilingus which is the oral stimulation of the clitoris or the vulva, and we have fellatio which is the female sucking the penis and the analingus which is stimulating the anal area by both partners.”

Resolving whether or not washing with mouthwash or cleaning the teeth following oral sex could lessen the dangers, Dr Govina explained that brushing alone couldn’t take out microorganisms or microbes from the system.

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As per him, keeping up with great oral health included keeping the gums, teeth, and oral cavity solid. He suggested regular cleaning of the teeth first thing and the last action before sleep time, focusing on that neglecting oral health can lead to costly treatments when oral diseases reach an advanced stage, such as severe gum disease and tooth decay.

He advised against involving herbal concoction for oral diseases, as they could hurt the oral coating and trigger other diseases. All things being equal, he advised seeking professional dental care when needed.

Regarding the use of tomatoes for cleaning a baby’s teeth, Dr Govina said while tomatoes contained beneficial components such as lycopene, there was no scientific evidence to support their use for oral hygiene. He suggested sticking to standard practice for dental care.


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