This Rwandan Game Has Been Proven Safe For Mental Health Victims

Dominique Alonga Uwase

Rwanda’s author and founder of ‘Imagine We Rwanda’, an organization dedicated to empowering Rwanda’s reading and creative writing culture, Dominique Alonga Uwase, has launched a convincing initiative targeted at fostering open discussions on mental health experiences for the youth.

Named ‘Deeper Conversations,’ the inventive game flaunts 55 well made cards, intended to establish a safe and supportive environment for emotional and mental expression.

“Rwandans are not the most expressive people, we have a lot of struggles expressing ourselves and trusting people, there’s a lot of trauma that I believe as a culture we have, and what we wanted to do is to make this almost like a game but allowing people to get to know each other better”, Uwase said.

Through collaborated effort with psychological health specialists, the game has been demonstrated safe for mental health casualties.

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According to Uwase, the cards have received positive reactions from Rwandans but has encouraged those managing serious mental health challenges to seek for professional assistance should they experience severe mental abnormalities.

“One of the biggest wins if I could say has been we have sold out these cards twice in less than a year, we have had a lot of positive feedback from couples and parents as well trying to get to know their children better especially parents with teens who want to know their teens better”.

According to the Rwanda Mental Health Survey (RMHS) in 2023, a significant proportion of Rwandans aged 14 to 25 are battling with psychological disorders like depression, anxiety, and trauma, among others.

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