This Year, 600,000 People Have Traveled To Belarus

The State Border Committee of Belarus has revealed that since the introduction of the visa-free program, Belarus has received nearly 600,000 visitors from its European Union neighbors.

The State Border Committee disclosed this information to BelTA, stating that 599,699 tourists have arrived from EU countries nearby.

The SBC uncovered that since the launch of the visa-waiver program, the biggest number of arrivals was registered from Lithuania. According to the data, 387,064 Lithuanians traveled to Belarus because they could enter the country without needing a visa.

According to, since the introduction of the visa-waiver program, Belarus has received 131,437 and 40,940 travelers from Latvia and Poland, respectively.

The State Boarder Committee also shared information on the quantity of travelers that arrived at the nation up until this point this year.

As per the committee, since January 2023, a sum of 214,713 guests from the EU adjoining nations have an entered the area of Belarus.

In the past six months, 138,801 people from Lithuania, 43,303 people from Lativa, and 19,230 people from Poland were among the total number of EU citizens who visited Belarus.

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The number of visitors from the aforementioned nations is also anticipated to remain high in the second half of the year due to the ease of movement between Belarus and its EU neighbors.

On April 20, 2022, Lithuanian and Latvian citizens were no longer required to obtain a visa before traveling to Belarus. On the other hand, on July 1, Poland’s citizens were exempt from this requirement for just a few months.

Citizens of Lithuania and Latvia (as well as individuals with the status of a non-citizen of Latvia) were granted visa-free entry into Belarus on April 15, 2022, through December 31, 2023. Also, from July 1, a without visa section was presented for residents of Poland,” the statement of the Board of trustees reads.

Until the end of the year, Lithuanian, Latvian, and Polish citizens can enter Belarus without a visa for an unlimited amount of time. However, despite the fact that citizens of these three nations are permitted to enter Belarus at any time, they are restricted to a maximum of 90 days per year.

Lithuanian, Latvian, and Polish nationals who are participating in the visa-waiver program must present valid travel documents at the border when entering Belarus. In addition, they must have medical insurance and a green card in order to drive.

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