This Year’s EU Day In Ghana Is For Job Creation

In May 2023, the European Union (EU) will launch a €34 million program to assist young Ghanaian job seekers.

The EU-Ghana Skills Pact will receive approximately €25 million, with the remaining €9 million going to the EU’s Jobs, Migration, and Development project.

Irchad Razaaly, the EU Ambassador to Ghana, made the announcement at the 2023 Europe Day in Accra on May 9th.

The Settlement for Skills is a key structure block of the European Skills Agenda, and aims to mobilise investment flowing into upskilling and reskilling the working-age population, engage stakeholders, and facilitate cooperation in the skills and education sector.

The reskilling and upskilling of individuals is the top priority of the European Skills Agenda, so that everyone can take advantage of Europe’s digital and green transition.

In accordance with the Charter of the Skills Pact, signatories are obligated to foster a culture of lifelong learning for all; build partnerships with strong skills; keep an eye on supply and demand for skills and anticipate skill gaps; and to work for gender equality and equal opportunities, as well as against discrimination.

The event for EU Day had as its theme: “Celebrating Youth and Skills

The event was attended by members of the diplomatic corps, ministers of state and other government officials; traditional rulers, civil society organisations, members of academia and the media.

The Ga Mantse, King Nii Tackie Teiko Tsuru II, and the wife of the Vice-President, Second Lady, Mrs Samira Bawumia, were also present.

Additionally, there was an official exhibit of EU-sponsored Ghanaian youth projects on display.

Every May 9, Europe Day is celebrated to honor Europe’s peace and unity.

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In addition, this day commemorates the declaration that Robert Schuman, a former President of the European Parliament, made in 1950, proposing the establishment of an economic partnership between France and Germany.

His idea was to establish a union within Europe that would prevent war between European nations.

The European Union had recently announced the European Year of Skills to assist talented youth in realizing their professional goals and making a valuable contribution to the community. A youthful, dynamic and gifted labor force lessens joblessness and lifts feasible and comprehensive development.

Through a number of projects, the EU has helped over 100,000 young job seekers acquire skills and training. In conjunction with Germany and the government of Ghana, it has opened the Ghanaian-European Centre for Jobs, Migration, and Development to assist returning migrants and residing Ghanaians seeking employment and training in Ghana and Europe.

As of the year 2022, the Union had already sent more than forty talented Ghanaian students to European universities.

The strong partnership and cooperation that exists between Ghana and the Union can be seen in the initiatives that the EU has taken.

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