This Year’s Ghana Club 100 Awards Is Coming Off..

The Ghana Club 100 Awards are celebrating their 20th anniversary this year. In honor of this, Timothy Nyanu, the Centre’s Deputy Director of Investor Services, led a team to Olam Agri Ghana Ltd., the current 94th-ranked GC100 member.

This visit was also part of the Centre’s commitment to establishing connections with all GC100 members as they collectively work to improve the country’s economic and business climate.

The twentieth edition of the Club 100 Awards will be launched in July at the SU Tower.

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The Ghana Club 100 is a yearly official list of the top 100 companies in Ghana.

The Ghana Investment Promotion Centre began compiling the list in 1998 with the intention of recognizing the nation’s top 100 businesses, encouraging competition, and improving company products and services.

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