Thousands Of Argentines Protest Against The Government For Poor Handling Of COVID-19

A huge number of people in Argentina have joined an anti-government protests in the capital Buenos Aires, as affirmed Covid contaminations keep on rising, passing 900,000 as at Monday 12 October, 2020. Loads of them also joined the dissent in their vehicles.

The anger from the Argentines comes on the back of the manner in which the government badly handled the COVID-19 emergency and the economic impact of lockdowns, just as issues like corruption.

At first, the government of Argentina introduced a strict lockdown measures during the pandemic early days, which implied that the number of cases grew gradually, but after the easing of restrictions, cases have been rising steeply.

As of Monday 12 October, 2020, Argentina has 903,730 affirmed instances of Covid, making the South American country with the 6th highest number of cases. In excess of 24,000 individuals have already kicked the bucket with Covid in Argentina.

The country has recorded its highest daily number of affirmed cases with 16,447 diseases as health specialists announced 9,524 new cases. Health authorities say there has been a precarious increment in Covid in enormous urban areas in within the country.

The protesters were varied people from all parts of Argentina, including opposition to change the equity system and calls for corruption cases to be investigated.

Many additionally said they were against the government’s handling of the pandemic, specifically the impacts of lockdowns which have additionally harmed Argentina’s currently ailing economy.

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