Three European Countries Join Forces To Host 2027 Women’s World Cup?

Belgium, Netherlands and Germany have launched a joint bid to have the 2027 Women’s World Cup hosted under the motto, “Three Nations, One Goal”.

The three nations will detail their arrangements in an official document before the year’s over, and before beginning exchanges with national governments and potential host cities.

Meanwhile, a cutoff time for the bid hasn’t yet been set by FIFA. The countries have all consented to have the World Cup, which is the world’s biggest women’s game, to be hosted in their countries respectively.

Two years ago, the Dutch league had just announced its longing to host the 2027 competition and the plan got parliamentary support.

The Netherlands hosted the 2017 Women’s European title whilst Germany organized the continental event twice, in 1989 and 2001.

The German alliance was also responsible for the 2011 World Cup. So thinking about every one of these accomplishments, these countries are confident whenever given the chance to host the 2027 Women’s World Cup, they will live up to expectations, and will clearly draw in huge loads of football fans to their stadia.

Meanwhile, the 2023 WWC competition will be mutually hosted by Australia and New Zealand.

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