Tiger Woods’ Ex-Wife, Sells Her 1932 ReBuilt Palm Beach Home For $28.6M

Elin Nordegren

Reports going the rounds says the ex of Tennis Superstar Tiger Woods has sold her North Palm Beach home, in spite of the fact that she got significantly less the price ($28.6 million) for the property than she was initially requesting for.

Elin Nordegren, who separated with Woods in 2010, purchased the property for $12.2 million out of 2011. Woods, with whom she has two kids, had constructed a chateau around 10 miles away and the separation settlement required both of them to live in nearness so both can be engaged with their children’s upbringing.

The first home bought by Nordegren was built as far in 1932. It had eight washrooms and a 4,700-square-foot storm cellar in the opulent Seminole Landing, as a component of a serene community of 60 multi-million-dollar, 15,000-square-foot houses on at least one acre of land each.

The home was pulled down and rebuilt

Subsequent to buying this beautiful house, Nordegren had a large portion of that unique home pulled down and rebuilt it in 2014 with a 11-room, 15-washroom chateau that included highlights like a performance center room, a wine basement and a rooftop deck.

The house was a delightful spot, with a mind boggling arrangements, fabulous sea facing, etc. As per site experts, the house was bought by Russell Weiner, the author of Rockstar Energy Drink, for $28.6 million.

That is impressively not exactly the first soliciting cost from $49.5 million set when the bequest hit the market two years ago. In November 2019, the property was relisted for $44 million. Property charges for 2019 were recorded as $365,747. Be that as it may, as indicated by Zillow, the home has been removed off the market.

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