Tiger Woods Speaks About Serena Williams

Sports personalities far and wide are for all intents and purposes like old buddies particularly when they all meet at an events. Functions like the World Cup, Olympic Games and more have united every single brandishing discipline under a rooftop.

However, among them are close companions like Golf genius Tiger Woods and Tennis great Serena Williams.

These two sports icons are very close that, they share thoughts together. Tiger Woods as of late, expressed how he has been near Serena Williams for quite a while without the public knowing.

The two have been contrasted to each other in various ways especially with respect to their career trajectories and how big they are in World sports.

There is one thing that interfaces the two global sports players; their capacity to ricochet back when they are losing.

Indeed, Tiger Woods has been a drawn out companion, fan, and supporter of Serena Williams. He was even present at her Wimbledon finals.

Woods in reality prefers the inspirational nature of Serena Williams, and as indicated by him she is a genuine companion. He speaks more about Williams:

“Yeah, Serena is one of my closest friends. Our relationship has evolved into that and it’s been awesome. She’s been an inspiration to not only me but everyone else to watch her go through her when she was pregnant. Having her child and then come back and then play as well as she has, getting to the finals of US Open, Wimbledon, I mean it’s unbelievable what she’s done. The way she’s dominated the game for such a long period of time, that just doesn’t happen in that sport. It just goes to show you how good she is and how talented she is but I’ve got to know her on a personal level and as I said she’s one of my classes seat friends.”

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