TikTok Star Noriega Found Dead In A Parking Lot

Cooper Noriega

19-year old TikTok star Cooper Noriega has died. As per policing sources, The social media celeb was found unconscious in a shopping center parking garage on Thursday, June 9. The cause of his death has not been known yet, and the case is as yet being investigated.

Noriega had previously shared his mental illness and drug abuse problems with his followers. He expressed on Sunday, June 5, that he had sent off a Discord channel where he and his fans could drill down into their mental difficulties and share their stories.

“If you’re really into getting your emotions out, or whatever, come join,” he said in a video posted to his TikTok account as per US Weekly. “I created [the server] because of how much I love you guys and how much I struggle with it myself.”

Be that as it may, Noriega’s demise comes one day after he posted an enigmatic video in bed where he wrote,

“who else be thinking they gon die young af.”

Perhaps, the social media celeb knew he will bite the dust very young. Strangely, Noriega also disclosed that, he had quite recently broken up with Sabrina Quesada, a colleague TikToker with whom he had been dating for more than two years.

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Meanwhile, Cooper’s latest TikTok post, shared on June 9, was a coordinated effort with fellow powerhouse Bryce Hall. Following Cooper’s demise, Bryce commented, “I love you so much.” Several other TikTokers paid tribute to him,

“I hope you finally have peace, i love you so f***king much cooper.”

Noriega has 1.77 million followers on TikTok, and a substantial Instagram following as well.

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