TikTok Versus Plus-sized Women: The Story Of The Frustrated Thicks

Plus-sized women are furious with TiTok for the basic explanation that, when they post their videos on the platform, they are promptly deleted for no obvious reasons. Be that as it may, TikTok are also saying: the videos are sexually explicit and are contrary to their content rules.

The majority of these plus-sized women post these videos to inspire other people who are thick and have consistently been mocked by people. Subsequent to experiencing an unpleasant time losing more weight, they feel like uploading their trimmed body for other plus-sized women in a positive manner as an inspiration.

But too bad! TikTok disagrees with them. As indicated by some of them, TikTok quickly deletes the videos, refering to its policy against “adult nudity” And this is truly disturbing.

Notwithstanding, some are whining that they are stunned that wearing a lingerie on TikTok is now equivalent to adult nudity. According to them, there wasn’t a thing realistic or improper about what they wore. Some TikTok influencers with a huge number of followers have also been affected by TikTok’s adult nudity policy.

Due to the consistent ‘takedowns’ by TikTok, a portion of these women are considering changing their style of content. They have no alternative but to do so in light of the fact that, they are scared their account may be taken out or simply have a type of repercussions for getting hailed so often as against local area rules.

What confuses the plus-sized women is that, they have seen lots of TikTok videos of more modest individuals in a swimsuit or in a similar sort of outfit that they would be wearing, yet they’re not flagged for nakedness. But they are rather constantly flagged.

Aside from them disapproving of TikTok ‘strange’ policies, other users are similarly saying that TikTok’s algorithms are oppressing its posts with plus-sized women, just as posts with “diversely abled” models and women of colour.

Occasionally, groups and people raise worries that the platforms are improperly and perhaps intentionally controlling or restricting the compass of their posts when the fact of the matter is undeniably less clear.

On account of the plus-sized influencers, it’s not obvious whether they’re being affected more than any other person by content takedowns, however their cases in any case offer a window to comprehend the untidy and at times conflicting content control process.

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