TikTok’s Ban In Senegal: The Latest Development

The government of Senegal has supported the ban on TikTok. Authorities are requesting the organization to consent to an arrangement for the creation of a system to remove accounts.

The country’s Communication Minister Moussa Bocar Thiam made the announcement at a recent public interview, saying they are having conversations with TikTok for an agreement.

The ban on TikTok was forced in August 2023 in the midst of the arrest of opposition leader Ousmane Sonko, refering to that the App’s use for disseminating “contemptuous and rebellious messages” represented a danger to the country’s stability.

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A power struggle between Sonko and President Macky Sall had previously led to violent protests in June, impacting Senegal’s reputation as a stable democracy in West Africa.

In talks with TikTok, the government of Senegal looked for upgraded platform guideline, inquired about algorithm functionality and data protection, and pressed for fair compensation for content creators, enabling young people to sustain a livelihood through social media.

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