Time To Celebrate One Of The World’s Music Show Stoppers – Afro-Moses

This lively stage entertainer is one among the couple of performers on the planet who pulls in the crowd to watch him whenever he plays a gig. Afro Moses has traveled to every part of the length and breath of the world and has played extraordinary and exciting shows to the pleasure of his fans and admirers of his music.

It is constantly phenomenal to see Afro-Moses and his band Afro/Reggae Spirit mount the stage to jolt everybody with their dramatic artistry. Born in Ghana, the African music hotshot once shook the world with his well known tune: ‘Chooboi’. As a gifted artist, instrumentalist and lyricist, he remarkably mixes his kind of music with Afro-combination, Reggae, afro percussion, conventional vocals, salsa, ragga and the others.

The multi-award winning artist has had the chance to perform with extraordinary music groups and worldwide geniuses like The Wailers, Michael Franti, Australian Chamber Orchestra, different ensembles, music for Aussie, International films and numerous other incredible music gatherings.

Afro-Moses is also a good instrumentalist

Afro Moses began as a youthful music star in Ghana who delivered tunes that were top of the charts in Ghana at the time. He was the primary youthful entertainer highlighted on the national television news on radio and TV for his drifting tunes. “The African James Brown” as he was called, was spotted by the late Reggae genius Bob Marley’s tour head. He was immediately reached and taken to Europe to improve his music profession.

Afro-Moses started making name for himself outside his country by winning: Best Album, Best Song and Best Live Act. After that grants, he amassed his Danish Band for a world tour and was effectively perceived for his incredible stage shows. He performed at some of Europes greatest concerts where he engaged a large number of his white fans.

Other than that, Afro-Moses imparted the stage with various iconic artists, for example, Miriam Makeba, Salif Keita, Ziggy and Rita Marley, The Wailers and numerous other worldwide music symbols. Afro-Moses affected his music experiences picked up to work as a teacher in music in various schools, colleges and other institutions in Denmark. He has been highlighted in some TV and radio broadcast morning shows over the globe especially Denmark where he now resides.

It was an uplifting news for Afro-Moses and his band in the year 2000, as they were formally welcomed to perform at the Olympics Games in Australia with more than 30,000 people at the occasion. Afro-Moses and his band have featured such huge numbers of large celebrations, for example, the East Coast Blues and Roots Festival, The Great Escape, Peats Ridge Festival, Darling Harbor for New Year’s Eve and a lot more before swarms up to 40,000 audience.

Jn performance

Because of his achievements in music, he was contracted to make a connecting music for a short film called “Inja” in Australia. Luckily, that motion picture was selected at the Oscar Awards in the USA in 2003.

In 2007, Afro was granted a “Frater Award” for greatness in school exhibitions through the Department of Education. Afro Moses has long stretches of experience working with kids and is known for his delicate nature, eagerness and the capacity to bring all kids together for fun time.

Back in Ghana, he was awarded as Ghana’s Best International Music Ambassador in 2000 and 2002. He has likewise performed at Ghana’s 50th commemoration of Indepence Day, which is a significant occasion in the country and has additionally performed in numerous other African countries.


Afro Dance Pop
Afro Moses, 2019

I Want 2 B Happy
Afro Moses, 2019

Africa Will Smile One Day
Afro Moses, 2019
Afro Bali (feat. Afro Moses & Bagus Mantra)

Joni Agung & Double T, 2014
Welcome to Bali (feat. Afro Moses)

Welcome to Bali #1
Soul Rebel, 2017

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