TJ Mocked Janet Jackson, But Has Quickly Reversed His Opinion After….

Janet Jackson || Taryll Jackson

Taryll Jackson (TJ), the nephew of Janet Jackson, has recently received a lot of criticism from people for mocking his aunt. The singer has clarified on social media about his aunt’s performance in light of the severe criticism directed at him.

TJ Jackson has since clarified his remarks about Janet Jackson and taken to social media to quickly dispel any misunderstanding.

In his official handles, he wrote,

There will never be another Janet Jackson

She is irreplaceable, and no other female artist has had a greater impact on him than she has.

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He also said that he would never mean anything to his aunt or any other member of the family. TJ Jackson went on to say that he loves and has a great deal of respect for his family. Again, he said while they may be legends to other people, they are global icons to him, along with his family.

He said,

“Women can be sexy and sensual,” but crossing that line can have a different effect on children.

Why the Criticisms?

The statement that TJ Jackson, the youngest son of Tito Jackson, made for his aunt Janet Jackson has recently sparked controversy. He disparaged Janet for her provocative performances. TJ tweeted after watching a video of her concert:

“It degrades and objectifies women in a way that’s not healthy”.

TJ responded by stating that he never liked it when she was seen doing some oral sex in concert in her “Would You” music video, in which she is also seen dancing seductively.

He went on to say that when women are overly sexualized in art, it makes them look bad and makes them objects. TJ said that Janet from “That’s The Way Love Goes” is his favorite. He was criticized for disrespecting his aunt shortly after sharing his views on social media.

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