Today Marks World Environment Day

June 5th of every year denotes the celebration of our environment, and since 1974, this day has been perceived to bring issues to light and raise awareness against the issues compromising our natural world and atmosphere.

Today denotes the day and the theme for this year’s recognition is themed: ‘biodiversity‘. Biodiversity is basically the term related with the assortment of all life on Earth, from microscopic organisms to plants and people. Thus legitimizes why it was taken as subject for this year.

In a collaborative program, the United Nations Environment Program and the World Environment picks a new theme every year to mark the day. Also, the theme spotlights on a squeezing ecological issue confronting our planet today.

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The purpose for the World Environment Day which is perceived on a yearly premise is that, it is to rouse positive change in communities universally and push people and governments to consider how we utilize and devour the world’s rescouces.

The principle purpose behind the current year’s theme is based on the recent bushfires in Brazil, the United States and Australia to grasshopper invasions across East Africa–and now, a worldwide malady pandemic–exhibit the relationship of people and the snare of life in which they exist.

Each World Environment Day is hosted by a different country, where official celebrations occur. The host country for this year is Colombia in association with Germany.

Because of the worldwide pandemic, World Environment Day being celebrated online and a full schedule of digital events, including concerts and films will be organized.

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