Tokyo 2020 Olympics In A Limbo: Games May Be Cancelled

The Olympics game is only two days to start but as to whether the games will fall off is another issue. Reason being that, Tokyo has recorded 1,387 new Covid-19 cases as at Tuesday July 20, the city’s second-most noteworthy daily increment of new cases since January 21, as indicated by Tokyo Metropolitan Government site.

That said, Tokyo 2020 CEO Toshiro Muto isn’t precluding a last minute cancellation of the Olympic Games in the midst of rising Covid-19 cases. Unfortunately, the quantity of cases in Japan connected to the Games is presently more than 70, as per coordinators.

At a press conference on the twentieth of July, Tokyo 2020, CEO Toshiro Muto, said they can’t foresee what the pandemic will look later on. So as for what to do should there be any surge of positive cases, will be discussed accordingly if that occurs.


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As per Muto, they will keep on observing the Covid circumstance, and a five-party meeting will be held if essential. The five groups are the International Olympic Committee (IOC), the Tokyo 2020 Organizing Committee, the Japan government, the Tokyo Metropolitan government and the International Paralympic Committee.

Toshiro Muto added:

“At this stage, the coronavirus situation might get worse or better, so we will think about what to do when the situation actually arises”

Japan’s capital is at present under a Covid highly sensitive situation, which is set to lapse on August 22, with organizers declaring that the Tokyo venues won’t have spectators accordingly.

Health specialists in Japan has expressed that the Olympic air bubble system is “lost”, as guests, competitors, journalists, delegates, obviously who should be inside the air bubble, isn’t functioning admirably.

Tokyo 2020 will host around 11,000 competitors – representing in excess of 200 countries – who will stay in 21 private buildings. But, not all these competitors will be in Tokyo for the entire span of the Games.

Organizers say competitors will be required to show up in the Olympic Village five days preceding the competition, and leave a limit of two days thereafter.

Some people say it’s basically impossible for them to monitor the movement of people, and there is no isolate for competitors and journalists for an extended 14 days. If they might have carried out the entirety of the measures, it would have been better.

As per organizers, fewer athletes are expected to take part in the Olympics games because, they are arriving in the country after the ceremony, which is “in line with the restrictions that will be in force governing their length of stay at the Olympic Village.

Meanwhile, a nitty gritty estimate of the number of participating members isn’t yet disclosed by officials.

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