Top Puerto Rican Music Producer Dies In A Crash


Jose Hernandez

Seven travelers and two crew members of a private passenger plane were killed in a stream crash at Las Americas Airport in Santo Domingo on Wednesday December 15.

Among the seven who died was 38 year old Puerto Rican music producer Jose Angel Hernandez, who was with his significant other (wife) and son Jayden Hernandez. Famously called “Flow La Movie”, he and his family died as the private airplane crashed while making an emergency landing at Las Americas Airport in the Dominican Republic’s capital Santo Domingo.

Of the people in question, six were foreign nationals and one was Dominican, however the identities of the other six travelers were not known.

Hernandez was primarily known for his hit tune “Te Bote.” His passing started messages of sympathies and remembrance from various Puerto Rican and other Latin artistes, including hotshot J Balvin and popular pop artist Ricardo Montaner.

The flight was in transit to Florida from La Isabela International Airport in the Dominican Republic when it made the emergency landing and crashed only 15 minutes after departure, as indicated by Flightradar 24.

The long reach Gulfstream GIVSP stream was headed to Miami. The cause of the accident or the unfortunate landing isn’t yet known.

Who Was He?

Jose Angel Hernandez was a famous music and record producer, songwriter and social media influencer. He was also a professional singer, who launched various singles, albums, and music videos.

Jose Hernandez collaborated with many famous singers and music producers–with some of his famous songs being Travesuras, Karma, La Jeepeta, Wow Remix, La Gangster, Encendia, and many others. He rose to fame after his song ‘Te Bote’ went on to remain on Billboard’s Hot Latin Songs list for 14 weeks. Most of his songs also ranked on the Billboard 200.

The Puerto Rican completed his education at a local private school in his hometown. And later moved to the United States for his music career. Jose was married to Debbie Von Marie Jimenez Garcia, who was a model. Unfortunately, they both died in the crash with their son.

He was net worth $4-6 million USD (approximately).

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