Tourism In Austria: So Far So Good!

With close to 30 million international visitors each year and a spotless reputation as a top travel destination that is recognized as the “most tourism-friendly” by the World Economic Forum, Austria is a giant in tourism. “Nearly 10 percent of Austria’s inhabitants are working in tourism, directly or indirectly.

As at last year (2021), over 20 million guests visited Austria with 72 million overnight stays being recorded throughout last year. According to country’s Tourism Ministry, this record means, the number of arrivals dwindled slightly, down by 34.6 and 36.6 per cent from the previous year.

Strangely, Germans visit Austria every now and again than any other country. For instance, in 2020, Germany represented the main inbound travel market in Austria, with guests from the European country spending almost 22 million short term visits in Austrian accommodations during the 2020 summer.

In 2020 alone, Austria recorded a sum of 15 million vacationers, positioning eighteenth on the planet in outright terms. That more smaller countries which routinely perform lower in a comparison of without a doubt the quantity of visitors, is self-evident.

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In 2019, Austria welcomed 46.2 million visitors, including 32 million international tourist who spent around 152.7 million expedites in 2019. These figures are verifiable record highs, which depend on an increasing interest with a typical growth rate of 4.0 % each year somewhere in the range of 2015 and 2019.

Austria is rich in natural resources, especially iron ore, magnesite, and other minerals. In addition, it produces petroleum and natural gas but also import some. A considerable part of its energy comes through hydroelectric power, making it a leader in the field in the European Union.

The travel industry is a significant industry for the economy of Austria and it contributed 7.5 % to the GDP in the pre-emergency year ie. 2019 and a little over 5 % in 2020. According to the Austrian Tourism Satellite Account, domestic and foreign guests spent around 37.7 billion euros in 2019 and over 26.5 billion euros in 2020 and 2021.

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