Travis Scott Trolled For Embarrassing Himself. This Is What Happened

Travis Scott

On Twitter, a video of Travis Scott shows how shocked the rapper was when he was unnoticed on a busy street in Japan and nobody could even recognize him.

On Twitter, people have said that Travis Scott’s actions are embarrassing. The rapper was recently spotted on the streets of Japan wearing a white graphic hoodie with the hood up to keep his face covered. He was surrounded by Japanese pedestrians in the middle of the road and the video went viral on Twitter with over 13 million views.

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In an effort to elicit a response from the crowd, the 31-year-old rapper was seen walking a little further to pose for a photo shoot and taking off his hood. Travis doesn’t get a reaction from the crowd even after he takes off his hood because they don’t recognize him.

The rapper is quickly passed by by the crowd. Travis looks surprised and takes a look at the camera with a modest smile getting over the shame.

Twitter responded to the video and he received a lot of trolls. People are just embarrassed for Travis Scott.

But among the trolls, there were a few who defended Travis, arguing that he must have been content to roam freely without being recognized or surrounded by fans.

“He’s prob happy as hell to be able to walk around like a normal person for once”

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