Twitter Is Out With A New Voice Tweet Feature

Twitter has introduced a new feature that will permit users to record video clips to publish as tweets. This will allow all users to communicate on Twitter – with a list which includes photographs, videos, GIFs, and plain content.

Throughout the years, photographs, videos, gifs, and additional characters have permitted you to include your own personality to your discussions. Even so, in some cases 280 characters aren’t sufficient and some conversational subtleties are lost in interpretation.

The new testing feature will add an increasingly human touch to the manner in which we use Twitter – ie. with your own voice.

Previously, when you’re making a voice tweet, it was just restricted to a specific number of people on Twitter for iOS users. However, in the coming weeks, each user on iOS will have access to voice tweets. Whether or not they’re on iOS, Android, or desktop, they will have the option to see voice tweets in their feed and hear them out.

Composing A Voice Tweet For iOS:

To begin with, open the tweet composer and search for the new voice icon. Here, it would appear like sound frequencies.

Tap the voice icon, and you will see your profile photograph with the record button at the top. Tap record to start recording your voice. There’s nothing more to it!

The Voice tweets are equipped for capturing 140 seconds of audio. If you prefer going longer than the seconds above, you can continue talking, but the extra audio will be connected in the thread of various tweets. Furthermore, when the voice tweets are communicated, people will see them in their feed among other tweets.

If you also want to listen to a voice tweet simply tap the picture with the person’s profile photograph. Tweets will play in another window that stays docked at the top of the screen, so users can tune in while proceeding to look through their feed.

It is anticipated that, voice Tweeting will make an increasingly human experience for audience members and narrators. Meanwhile, note that, it is impossible for users to record their voice and publish it as a reply or a retweet with comments.

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