Two Pakistanis Sentenced To Death. This Is Their Offense

On Thursday May 3, a Pakistani court toppled a capital punishment for a Christian couple in an blasphemy case, clearing them for absence of proof after they had gone through seven years waiting on death row.

A lower court had condemned Shafqat Emmanuel, a security at a manufacturing firm, and his better half, Shagufta Kausar, to death in 2014 for supposedly sending defamatory comments about the Muslim prophet Mohammed in a text message to another man, Khalid Maqsood.

As indicated by the victims’ lawyer Ghulam Mustafa, a nitty gritty request from the court was expected in the next two days, and they would utilize all accessible remedies against the decision.

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Insulting prophet Mohammed comes with a compulsory capital punishment in the transcendently Muslim country. Pakistan’s blasphemy laws have for quite some time been condemned by global human rights groups.

The decision stops the seven-year long challenge of a couple who ought not have been indicted nor confronted a capital punishment in any case. With this, Amnesty International has called on officials to give a massive protection to the couple and their legal advisor.

The two or three was named in an European Union Parliament resolution passed in April that called for stripping the exchange exclusions given by the coalition to Pakistan’s exports, saying the nation had neglected to stem rising lewdness allegations.

Pakistan is regularly hit by vigilante brutality against people accused of blasphemy. In the no so distant past, a crowd broke into a police headquarters outside the capital, Islamabad, in a bid to lynch two men accused for tainting a mosque.

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