UAE Will Now Be Using Saturday And Sunday As Weekends

The United Arab Emirates will move its end of the week to Saturday and Sunday beginning one year from now (2022). This is according to a tweet from government’s media office on Tuesday December 7.

Strangely, most countries in the Gulf have Friday to Saturday as weekends. The UAE will now have a four-½-day working week after the shift, with the end of the week beginning on Friday evening and going on until Sunday.

The shift is an essential move, especially when Friday has for quite some time been a sacred day for worshippers of Islam.

As per the tweet by the government’s media office, the more extended weekend is intended to “boost productivity and improve work-life balance.”

The new changes will begin on January 1, 2022, and will apply to all federal government organisations.

Friday working hours will be from 7:30 a.m. to 12 p.m., and working hours from Monday to Thursday will also begin at 7.30am and end at 3.30pm.

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According to the report by WAM (a state news office), “Adopting an agile working system will enable the UAE to rapidly respond to emerging changes and enhance wellbeing in the workplace”.

The report added that:

“From an economic perspective, the new working week will better align the UAE with global markets, reflecting the country’s strategic status on the global economic map,” and is designed to smooth trade, financial and economic transactions with other countries.

UAE will also be hoping this introduction will boost “not only trading opportunities but also add to the flexible, secure and enjoyable lifestyle the UAE offers to its citizens and residents.

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