UEFA On The Verge Of Disciplining Three Giant Clubs

UEFA has opened disciplinary proceedings against Real Madrid, Barcelona and Juventus after the teams’ association in the European Super League.

The three European giants were part of a ‘squad’ of 12 teams that announced their plans to frame a breakaway competition in April.

Subsequent to getting heavy criticisms, the other nine clubs – Arsenal, Chelsea, Liverpool, Manchester City, Manchester United, Tottenham Hotspur, AC Milan, Inter Milan and Atlético Madrid – immediately turned around their decision, saying they regret for their actions and committing once again to UEFA club and national team competition.

Meanwhile, Real Madrid, Barcelona and Juventus gave a joint statement before this month declaring that in spite of the inadmissible and progressing pressing factors and dangers received from UEFA, they planned to drive forward in looking for an answer for what they call an “unreasonable circumstance in the football business.”


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European football’s administering body recently delivered an explanation declaring procedures against the three teams had been opened “for a likely infringement of UEFA’s legal framework.”

Meanwhile, the nine clubs which pulled out were along these lines requested to on the whole donate $18.25 million to charity and will swear off five percent of the revenues they would have received from competitions.

UEFA says the clubs have consented to be fined as much as $121.7M should they breach their commitments once more.

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