Uganda Can Boast Of Finest Female Artists – Who Are They?

Uganda is honored with music talents especially among the female group. In spite of the fact that the music business has been overwhelmed by the male partners, the female artists are likewise endeavoring to make the business worth perceived. The female artists can similarly make you ” suffocate” when you get some much needed rest to be at their shows. Let’s briefly discuss about four of them.

Iryn Namubiru

Iryn is a fabulous vocalist, performer, recording and performing artiste who does popular music, world music, reggae, old style music, Jazz and Afrobeat.

In the wake of enduring a vessel voyage accident on Lake Victoria in Uganda, she never surrendered in life but proceeded onward with her music business and released connecting tunes including Nabulo, Begombeko, Tebiba bingi, Omukwano gwaffe, Oli baluwa, Nsula wuwo and some more.

Iryn Namubiru has had the option to hold a show named ‘One Night Only’ in Kampala and it was ‘fire’ as she wonderfully wowed her fans which left them longing for more.

Spice Diana

Diana is additionally one of the most youthful female Ugandan artistes who started her music profession in 2014 ahead of schedule before enlisting at the University. Diana is one of the best female artists in Uganda who has a few melodies shockingly incorporating collaboration with other enormous acts like Aganaga, Palaso, Jamaican Orisha and some more. Her originally hit tune was titled “Onsanula” which was mainstream and even won an award in 2015.

Juliana Kanyomozi

Juliana Kanyomozi is ostensibly the greatest female artist in Uganda. Because of her brilliant exhibition, she has won various honors. As an artist, performer and on-screen character, she has demonstrated beyond all questions why she is the best if not truly the most outstanding in Uganda.

The Queen of vocals has won numerous honors including the Best R n B, female artiste, melody of the year and some more. She has produced satisfying melodies like Taata wa baana y’ani, Maama Mbiire, Nabikoowa, Nkulinze, and many more.

Sheebah Karungi

Besides being an artist, Sheeba Karungi is likewise an actress and a dancer. Her first single that launched her to significance in the Ugandan music scene was her first hit single ‘Ice Cream’. From that point forward, She has claimed and have won best female artiste of the year in the HiPipo Music Awards and artiste of the year on two occasions.

There are loads of the female artists in the East African country, Uganda who are doing very well yet needs more projection simply like their male counterparts.

If these Ugandan females musicians get the essential push, the Ugandan music industry will be truly outstanding in East Africa and even across the continent and beyond.

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