Uganda Presidential Elections: Internet Shut Down –Observers Worried

President Yoweri Museveni and Bobby Wine

Uganda is right now ‘bubbling’ as the country’s Presidential elections has taken over. The main ‘battle’ is between the 76 year old President of the country Yoweri Museveni and 38 year old Robert Kyagulanyi, prominently known as Bobi Wine.

Wine who is challenging under the party National Unity Platform-NUP has experienced a great deal prior to coming this far by contesting President Yoweri. He has on many occasions been arrested for several reasons, as his supporters at a point, challenged his bogus arrests.

Bobi Wine is asking the Electoral commission of Uganda to be attentive in the vote counts. The ambitious former musician turned politician is asking the electoral commission not to base on the shut down of the internet access across the entire country, to be bias towards him if he wins.

In fact, many people are wondering how the commission will have the option to really and fairly count the votes and bring a straightforward results. The commission announced earlier that they will release the results in 48 hours in the wake of voting closing.

According to Bobi Wine, obviously he is hoping to win. Moreover, he says any time there is an internet shut down during elections in the country, they experience a terrible elections. Wine just can’t understand why a portion of his polling agent representatives ought to be arrested in the heat of the elections.

The police responding to this claim, additionally say they arrested them since they (Wine’s agents) didn’t have accreditation to monitor elections. Meanwhile, President Yoweri Museveni who has governed the country for almost 35 years has said that, he will acknowledge the result if only there are no anomalies.

President Museveni, has been in power since 1986, and is looking for his 6th term in office. All things considered, as per the leader of the Electoral commission of Uganda- – Simon Mugenyi Byabakama, they will use some fine strategies to pronounce the results without any abnormalities. As indicated by him, they don’t use internet to communicate their results but instead their system.

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Reports say, President Yoweri Museveni is taking early lead in the fundamental outcomes in the 330 polling stations out of all out of 34,684. Ugandans turned out in their enormous numbers to cast a ballot calmly amidst the pandemic, Covid.

Tragically, the internet shut down is a major concern for observers of the elections, since it might bring irregularities and disarray. As indicated by reports, the shut down of the internet is government’s order, and access to internet is just accessible by means of VPN or satellite.

Social media have all been shut down. But, social media users are using the hashtag [#UgandaDecides2021] to discuss the elections across Africa. The people of Uganda voted enormously on the grounds that they want to stop the ruling party from an abusive regime.

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