UK: Food Hoarders Who Are Now Disposing Of Their Foods Are Heavily Being Criticized By Social Media Users

As at April 28, 2020, 26,097 individuals in the UK have passed on in the wake of testing positive for COVID-19. The pressure and frenzy in UK is high as the number of deaths have past ordinary.

One fascinating story incorporating this issue is the means by which some people are discarding impeccably good foods in the wake of accumulating beyond what they can consume.

Transitory foods like vegetables and organic products have been thrown away by certain occupants of the country in the wake of understanding the need not to accumulate beyond what they can eat due to coronavirus panic purchasing.

Besides leafy foods, potatoes, loaves of bread, bananas and unopened packs of chicken items were being thrown away after they had expired.

All these were shared via social media as these hoarders were squandering all the foods away.

These disgraceful acts angered the Britons as huge number of individuals scrutinized those who were engaged in this ‘disreputable’ demonstration.

From that point forward, strict lockdown rules were introduced, educating Britons to just go out once every day to shop.

Food Security Update: The World Is At Risk!

Interestingly, the image was shared on Twitter by Donna Ball, the executive director of operations at Bury board.

She posted: ‘The madness continues, if you are throwing perfectly good food in the bin that could support your food banks then give your head a bloody wobble!

‘Binmen daily seeing good food thrown in black bins. This had bags of pasta underneath also.’

Just after this post, people started hammering those associated with this.

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