UK’s Death Toll Rises At High Rate, Surpasses Other Countries

Britain’s Prime Minister Boris Johnson

The UK is “weeping” as the country’s loss of lives has outperformed all other countries. It is presently Europe’s second-highest official coronavirus death toll, bringing up issues about Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s reaction to the flare-up.

Unfortunately, around 26,097 individuals in the UK have kicked the bucket in the wake of testing positive for COVID-19 as of April 28.

Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab, who as of late had been subbing for Prime minister Johnson during the executive’s nonattendance because of his own fight with the infection, said there were 756 additional deaths in all settings reported on Tuesday April 28, 2020.

This record is an unmistakable sign that the UK has endured more COVID-19 passings than France, Spain and the United States.

The UK government has been furiously condemned over its treatment of the emergency, not least over the personal protective equipment (PPE) to the entire clinical personnel.

The Prime minister, Boris Johnson at first opposed coming up with the lockdown, but changed course when projections indicated a fourth of a million people could bite the dust.

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