United States Contractually Terminate A Direct Cash Transfer Program With Uganda Permanently

Kampala, Uganda

Since the episode of the worldwide COVID-19 pandemic, the United States has given huge loads of help to several countries around the globe. Uganda is one of the nations to have profited by such specialized help from the United States with more than $47 million to assist Uganda with addressing pressing needs in its COVID-19 reaction.

The United States’ COVID-related assistance include around $10 million for a direct cash transfer program dispatched by the U.S. Office for International Development (USAID) in August 2020, in association with the Ministry of Local Government and the Ministry of Kampala through the global non-profit, GiveDirectly.

The objective of this program was to follow global point of reference for financial improvement by giving money legitimately to people and families who need it most. This program is expected to help Ugandans who lost jobs because of the pandemic, who were in danger of food weakness and confronted genuine decreases in family unit nourishment.

The cash transfer were intended to help local business sectors by giving around 120,000 Ugandans across six urban areas, with 100,000 UGX every month for a quarter of a year. In September alone, 47,128 Ugandans were enrolled in the program.

The USAID and GiveDirectly worked intimately with government partners to effectively vet the program through the Cabinet and at last to launch the program freely as a feature of the Lira City festivity in August. Regardless of the exhaustive evaluation and endorsement by Cabinet, in September the NGO Bureau reported an extra audit of GiveDirectly’s activities in Uganda, bringing about the program’s suspension.

GiveDirectly tended to the NGO Bureau’s inquiries, and no inconsistencies in the cash transfer program or GiveDirectly’s activities were recognized. The program has still not been approved to continue, and no confirmations have been given that approval by the government is impending.

Considering this inconclusive suspension, it is currently impossible that the program will meet its unique goal, which was to forestall COVID related monetary apostatizing of the most weak Ugandans. Subsequently, the United States have no alternative than to legally end the program permanently.

They stated:

‘We are mindful that ordinary Ugandans continue to suffer from the socio-economic impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic and that they could greatly benefit from this emergency cash assistance, which has been proven both internationally and within Uganda as a powerful development tool to transfer stabilizing economic relief to recipient communities. We deeply regret that the 120,000 Ugandans identified to participate in this program, along with their surrounding communities, will now not have the opportunity to benefit from it’.

The United States has for a long time, collaborated Uganda and the country’s single largest donor of development and humanitarian assistance. While deeply disappointed by the reluctance of some elements within the government to support this highly effective cash transfer program, the United States remains committed to supporting the Ugandan people through this challenging time.

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