University Of Cape Coast, Introduces Prison Cell Education – First Of Its Kind In Ghana

Nobody in his correct faculties will ever wish to be restricted in a space for quite a while or months as against his privacy and freedom. Shockingly, as humans, each and everyone is likely to face such problems particularly when you’re not the guilty party but rather a suspect or you’re most likely supporting and abetting a criminal demonstration.

However, those who carry out serious crimes or otherwise considered undesirable by the law should consistently face the law and ought to clearly pay for their bad behaviors as long as the law is dynamic and working. It isn’t common but Ghana’s University of Cape Coast has without precedent for the country’s history introduced a tutoring system while in the jail cell for all detainees who are willing to learn and further their education.

A significant immense number of the detainees were students even before the law confined them, subsequently this comes as a major astonishment and a decent time for such individuals. Evidently, there are others who are not educated in any way but have grasped this mammoth walk by the University who introduced this special education couple of months back.

This school is in any case, for detainees of the Nsawam jail in Ghana and plans to stretch out this plan to different penitentiaries the country over. Up until now, almost 60 prisoners have graduated in different management courses with a diploma authentication.

This as per educationalists, is additionally one of it’s sort in Africa and was propelled by what most Europeans are doing out there. In these countries, before one turns out from the jail, you ought to have the option to procure a diploma or a degree just to change your character. Obviously, most detainees were extremely raucous, tumultuous and criminal, however when they are discharged from the jail cell, they are no more the manner in which they were. Some of them move on in life after schooling at the jail.

The University of Cape Coast has made a huge move for all prisoners in Ghana but that doesn’t ensure individuals particularly the young to be taking part in wrongdoings. Actually, authorities of the University of Cape Coast has been tremendously complimented for this amazing move.

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