Valerie Labi’s Bike That Is Easily Charged Like A Mobile Phone

Valerie Labi

As per Valerie Labi, she had noticed a gap in the market for small vehicles that could deliver the growing number of online orders, and will not contaminate the air with petroleum exhaust.

She then, at that point, started putting on her thinking and innovative cap. As she continued looking for less expensive, cheaper, more convenient, safer transport in Ghana, business visionary Valerie Labi developed an electronic bicycle that can be charged as easily as a cell phone.

“It’s a morph between a motorcycle and a bicycle, but it’s electric so you don’t need petrol to ride it. It allows you to carry a load… You can charge them like you would your mobile phone. You go around 140km [87 miles] in range per day,” she told BBC Focus on Africa.

Wahu Portability’s e-bicycles cost US$2,000 (£1,650) forthright, or customers can pay US$30 each week for two years after which point they own the vehicle.

Entrepreneurs Should Exude Confidence In Their Ventures” – Motsepe

“Whilst you pay the subscriptions, we give you delivery demand to make sure you earn enough [money] to take home for you and your family, and pay off the vehicle,” Labi adds.

Production will begin by the end of the year, at a rate of 200 bikes per month.

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