Vehicles With These Stickers To Be Arrested By Police Force

Ghana’s Deputy Chief of Staff, Emmanuel Adumua-Bossman, has requested that the police arrest and impound any vehicle emblazoned with Office of the President stickers.

This order follows the arrest of a foreign national distinguished as Ghaadour Hishan-Hassaan. The latter was detained by the police at Accra Air terminal for driving a vehicle with an unapproved sticker of the Workplace of the President on it.

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In a message sent during one of Ghana’s top radio broadcasts Peace FM’s morning show ‘Kokrokoo’, Mr Bossman wrote:

“Jubilee House and for that matter, the presidency does not give stickers to any official. We have a way of coding our vehicles which I shall not disclose for security reasons. Please in the name of the constitution’s letter, the police should arrest and impound any vehicle which bears any sticker purporting to be from the office of the President; no matter the status or office of the occupants of such vehicles”


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