Venus Williams Writes About Gender Equality And Equal Pay

Venus Williams

Tennis genius, Venus Williams is battling for gender equality, as she expounds on gender equality and equal pay. Back in 2007, Venus Williams was the first female tennis player to get similar measure of prize cash as her male partners.

In a lengthy written composition by the five-time Wimbledon champion, she expounded on how she’s using her foundation to advocate for equal pay.

The tennis star reviewed how she was “hit by the imbalance,” writing that the men’s singles champion got £477,500 while the women’s singles champion got £430,000. Since that time, Williams has been calling for change.

As indicated by Venus Williams, the absence of equality and equivalent opportunities in tennis is a side effect of the impediments women face around the globe.

While Nordic nations, for example, Iceland, Norway, Sweden and Finland show the absolute most reduced incongruities in pay among people, Turkey, Bahrain and Nigeria are probably the most elevated. In the US, women made 82.3 pennies for each dollar men made in 2019.

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Williams, whose sister Serena Williams has additionally stood up against gender equality, noted that closing the economic gap requires action at a national and international level as well as corporate.

For a beginning, while women are frequently underrepresented in senior situations in firms, they are overrepresented in low-paying positions so expanding the lowest pay permitted by law is a need.

At that point, there’s the pressing requirement for transparency. If women don’t realize they aren’t being paid decently, how might they do anything about it? Childcare and clinical leave additionally should be extended to set out equal opportunities for women as they are bound to go on vacation work to take care of their family.

According to Venus, Sexism isn’t a women’s issue any more but racism is a Black issue. She continued by saying– “Men need to understand gender equality is about equal opportunities for women rather than men relinquishing power.”

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