Verified Twitter Account Holders Should Be Happy For This Reason

Twitter has announced that the Blue App will soon split revenue from advertisements that appear in reply threads between verified Twitter account holders and Twitter.

This means that verified Twitter account holders will soon benefit from the advertising revenue.

Twitter Will No Longer Allow Free Promotion Of Other Social Media Platforms On Its Space

On Friday, February 3, Musk made this clear in a series of posts made via his verified Twitter handle.

He stated that accounts that have subscribed to the Twitter Blue Verified icon are the only ones who stand to gain from the new policy.

The Tesla boss also said that in a few months, Twitter’s old Blue Verified, which is tainted with corruption, would be phased out.

He wrote,

“Starting today, Twitter will share ad revenue with creators for ads that appear in their reply threads. To be eligible, the account must be a subscriber to Twitter Blue Verified”.

Twitter’s legacy Blue Verified is unfortunately deeply corrupted, so will sunset in a few months.”

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