Viber Introduces Group Video Calls

Viber is one of the social media platforms with a consistent improvement of features and functionality, without a portion of the media publicity around contenders like WhatsApp and Messenger.

The application has as of late, added another element to its effectively fine ones. Their most recent addition is the ability to hold video calls with up to 20 members which will be launched very soon.

Viber introduced audio calls few weeks ago and has quite recently included the video presentation. This expansion is obviously not for the social reason alone but an augmentation to potential group meetings for official works or play.

The new feature is set to elegance both the mobile and desktop applications for Viber users and it will be as simple as a pie to utilize.

All you have to do is to:

Tap the new “video” button added to the highest point of the screen, or basically add more members to a progressing video call. You are good to go by interfacing with loved ones.

Vibers addition is a decent step by demonstrating a continued effort to convey great customer experience to its clients.

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