Video Director Abraham Ohene-Djan Talks About Content Regulations In Ghana

Abraham Ohene-Djan

In the recent past, the issue of media houses not being critically monitored with respect to the sort of content they show on their platform has been a topic of discussion.

The law commands the media commission of Ghana and the National Communication Authority (NCA) to direct the activities of all media houses as to whether they show the correct or required content that don’t spurn the laws but instead comply with the regulations on their networks.

Sadly, some media houses, particularly TV stations have for such a long time, not been agreeing with laws, but show ‘dreadful’ programs on their platform, having a negative impact on viewers, especially children.

Many people have spoken about these media houses, and why the regulators of these radio and TV stations have failed to sanction the culprits.


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Speaking on this issue on Asaase Radio on the Thursday May 6, Ghana’s universally recognized video director, Abraham Ohene-Djan said the media ought to have been regulated quite a while past to sanitize the system, and to set a norm.

According to Ohene-Djan, he essentially can’t understand why everything had been left to go like that, until the issue of a priestess called ‘Agradaa’ used his own TV station to trick and scam a huge number of people of their monies for money rituals. ‘This ought to have been done quite a long time’- he said.

Ohene-Djan faults the government for not enforcing the law. As per the award-winning video director, who has worked in different nations across the world, the media is well regulated in many parts of the world–therefore, no one can beat the system.

Ohene-Djan says the communication authority and perhaps the media commission ought to hereafter, start a non-stop operations by making a move against these organizations who conflict with the law.

Ohene-Djan is one of Ghana’s best video directors who has directed and made first class videos (music and advertisements) in Ghana and across the world with an essential accomplishments.

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